Rabi Energy grows renewable energy projects with a focus on wind development, battery storage, and solar energy. We are dedicated to proliferating a clean future by moving our methods of energy production away from fossil fuels and towards sustainable, clean energy.


Over the next two years, Rabi Energy is scheduled to become one of the largest producers of renewable energy in Central New York. We are committed to using the most advanced technology and ensuring the lowest levels of carbon emissions. Our areas of expertise are multifaceted, spanning from project ideation and development, to construction, to owning and operating fully functioning wind and solar farms.


It is our passion and experience that define us and set us apart from other energy companies entering the market. Our team is comprised of seasoned experts in their respective fields, who are motivated by their desire to protect the environment. 


At the forefront of our mission are our overarching goals of bettering communities by creating new sources of revenue, job opportunities, funding charitable projects and improving infrastructure. We believe that if a group of people comes together, great strides can be made to make our planet a healthier, more sustainable home for all of us.




Built on a foundation of long-standing values and traditions, we have made it our mission to protect the natural world around us. The earth is our home and it is our job to show our planet the respect and care that it deserves. Rabi Energy generates sustainable forms of alternative energy sources. Our goal is to eliminate the need for fossil fuels and other harmful energy sources. 

It is of the utmost importance to partner with communities and work together as a team. Rabi Energy is committed to giving back to our local citizens, educational institutions and charitable organizations. 


Maintaining open communication and solid partnerships is one of our top priorities. It is extremely important to us thatwe have strong relationships with landowners, local governments, and business associates. Of equal importance is the pride we take in being a protector of our natural land and wildlife. We must advocate for that which cannot advocate for itself.



Rabi Energy plans to lay the groundwork for our energy production facilities to have a long, sustainable future. Not only do we want to begin to make a difference in our environment today, we also want to ensure that the structures that we put in place have a long future for generations to come. This is our dream, not just for our children, or our children’s children, but for sons and daughters born decades upon decades down the road. It is our duty to protect, not only our people, but our plant – our mother earth.